How to add Frontend Product Page Tab Title and why is it for?

Plugin Settings

Plugin settings will be applied to the whole shop.  However, when you will set different values for parameters in specific product attachments, these values won’t be taken as final. It means that you can override these values by specifying a new value for your different attachments.

The plugin settings for the free version have just 2 options:

  1.  Product Details Tab Title
  2. Order Details Page Tab Title

As clear from the image, you can specify the titles of both product attachment tabs that will be visible on the product details and order details page respectively.

Now, for the premium version of WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin, settings have more options. All the options are described in this section as under:

Frontend – Product Page Settings - Pro

This section has options that decide the frontend scope of the product attachments you are creating – for the product page. It is the universal setting but can be overridden while creating product attachment. For that, you will have to specify different title/visibility rules for your attachment.

The 2 options in this section are for:

1. Frontend Product Page Tab Title

How to add Frontend Product Page Tab Title and why is it for?

You need to add your title to be displayed on the product page in the text field next to ‘Frontend Product Page Tab Title’ option in plugin settings. Once you will hit the ‘save’ button, this setting will be applied to your whole shop.

Key Benefit

In the frontend, you will see this added text as the tab name for your attachment(s). In your product name, its tab will appear next to (or below) the product description tab.

Using it, the customers will be able to locate attachments easily. In short, it will help them get enough information about your product and therefore, improving the sales for you.

2. User Role Based Display Attachment

How to use the user-role based display attachment and why is it for?

In this setting, you choose the user roles for which the product attachments must be visible. For this, you need to tick the checkboxes in front of each user role name. 

If you want to display your product attachments for all user roles, you can skip selecting any of the user roles mentioned in this option.

Key Benefit

There are times when displaying attachments is needed for customers but not the guest buyers, or vice-versa. 

Similarly, you might want to display your product attachments to administrations and shop managers, but not to the buyers. In all such scenarios, a user-based authority setting for displaying the attachments comes in handy.