How to Manage Sample Products Stocks?

One of the most important feature of the Product Sample for WooCommerce plugin is the ability to manage stocks or inventory of sample products.

To manage sample products stocks follow below mentioned steps :-

  • Edit your sample products.
  • Click on the "Sample Product" tab & check or enable the "Manage stock?" option.

After enabling the "Manage stock?" option, you will find a new field called "Stock quantity". In this field, you can add your available stock quantity for your sample products.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Manage sample stock settings)

In the variable products, you have two options to manage your sample stocks.

  1. Globally ( From the "Sample Product" tab )
  2. Variation specific

With this plugin, You can manage variation-specific stocks as well. Review this document to know How to manage variation specific sample settings.

Examples :-

Screenshot - 2: (Out of stock sample product)

Screenshot - 3: (Not enough stock of sample product)

Screenshot - 4: (Not enough stock of sample product on the cart page)

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