Use Cases - Conditional Payments for WooCommerce Plugin

Use Case #1: Disable all payments methods for a product except for COD

There are times when you want to let your customers buy a particular product in Cash on Delivery only. You can follow this example if such is the case:

Store Preview:

Use Case #2: Apply a $5 Handling fee for all Payment Methods when Cart Weight is >20

The shipping cost for heavy consignments is extra. If your customer’s cart crosses a weight limit, you can apply a handling fee for all payment gateways using settings similar to the ones shown below: 

Use Case #3: Hide Direct Bank Transfer when Cart Subtotal is > $200

If the cart of a customer requires payment of more than what you accept through direct bank transfer, you can hide the payment method Direct Bank Transfer for the cart. This way, your customer won’t be able to make a DBT payment.

Use Case #4: Hide COD Method when the Customer is from the UK

Cash on Delivery is a good idea for local shipping and local businesses. However, for conditions like international shipping or shipping of sensitive items, this strategy is not very suitable.

Think of a situation if the customer has added a wrong shipping address and order delivery failed. You will have to bear the cost for this failed delivery attempt, isn’t it?

So instead, you must hide the Cash on Delivery payment method for the regions or situations when it is not feasible. Take this example:

Use Case #5: Disable Selling of a Product through Conditional Payments rules

Let’s consider that you do not want to let your customers order a particular product from your store. The reason is that its vendor accepts a different payment gateway than the ones enabled for your customers. In this situation, you can simply disable all payment gateways for the given condition and add a message to notify your buyers about the same.

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