Why use Conditional Payments in your Online Store?

For any WooCommerce store that offers multiple payment gateways to its customers, however, requires allowing selective ones as per the cart’s condition, it is essential to enable Conditional payments for WooCommerce. The benefits of doing so are:

No Confusion among Buyers

Leaving all allowed and non-selectable visible on the checkout page may result in confusion for your store buyers. It is indeed a good idea if you could disable the non-selectable payment methods in your store and just show the ones that are usable as per the buyer’s cart condition.

De-cluttered Checkout page

As per UX/UI experts, it is the best design practice to keep the element count to a minimum when it comes to the checkout page. So, if there are a few payment gateways that your customers cannot proceed to checkout with, it is suggested that you hide those payment gateways from the user’s cart. Use the Conditional Payments for WooCommerce Plugin to do so.

No Disappointments or Mishaps

If you let a buyer choose an unsupported payment gateway for a condition and he eventually succeeds at making payment through the selected gateway, the situation will be really tense. 

It will trigger a series of complaints, refunds, and problems - making things tough for the finance department. Not only will it build a negative image for you in the market but dissatisfy the buyers too. Better is to hide the payment gateway when it should not be used by a buyer.

Enhanced User Experience

Having a well-optimized and minimal checkout page is considered among the top ways to improve your conversion rate. As the Conditional Payments for WooCommerce Plugin allows you to show and hide payment gateways as per several conditions on your checkout pages, it surely helps you in achieving the same.

Ability to Control Payment Gateway’s Visibility based on any Advanced condition

The Conditional Payments for WooCommerce plugin lets you restrict or show payment gateways by various conditions in your store. You can show or hide gateways by conditions related to the user, user role, user login status, product, category, product quantity, cart weight, any billing address field, any shipping address field, billing email, and so on. In fact, you can apply such conditions in combination and have greater control over the visibility of your payment gateways in the store.

Option to Boost your Revenue by Charging Reasonable Gateway-specific fees

Besides hiding and showing the payment gateways in WooCommerce, the Conditional Payments Plugin also allows you to apply one or multiple extra fees by payment gateways related conditions in your store. So, if your store is bearing any expense due to a particular payment gateway in a certain condition, you can always apply the same cost to the user’s cart and tell the user about the same through the fee label during the checkout.

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