Introduction of Conditional Payments for WooCommerce Plugin

The acceptable payment gateways, for a cart, differ from condition to condition in an eCommerce store. For example, your customers might be using PayPal for international purchases while DBT (Direct Bank Transfer) for local/regional purchases. Enabling all payment gateways for all conditions is neither feasible nor user-friendly in this situation.

Install the Conditional Payments for WooCommerce plugin on your store to control the visibility of payment gateways by conditions in your online shop. The plugin lets you enable and disable your preferred payment gateways for certain conditions. If required, you can also specify the conditions to charge an additional fee for particular payment gateways from buyers.

The rules related to the following cart values or checkout fields can be added for restricting or enabling the payment gateways in your shop using this WooCommerce extension:

  • Cart contains products, variable products, categories, or product quantity
  • Cart subtotal - before the discount or after the discount
  • Cart quantity, shipping class, total weight, or coupon
  • Any billing/shipping detail (address 1, address 2, city, state, country)
  • User or user role
  • Login status of the user (logged in or guest)

The Conditional Payment plugin is compatible with all popular payment gateways (default WooCommerce payment gateways as well as third-party ones). So, you won’t have to worry if your enabled method is supported or not. 

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Key Features - Conditional Payments for WooCommerce Plugin

Light Version

  • Quick and easy setup of conditional payment rules
  • Support to numerous payment gateways
  • Create any number of conditional payment rules in your shop
  • Enable or disable each conditional payment rule as you prefer
  • Apply restrictions based on any billing or shipping address field related condition
  • Apply restrictions based on any billing or shipping address field related condition
  • Add one or multiple conditions per conditional payment rule
  • Actions allowed: Hide or show selected gateways
  • Add one or multiple actions per conditional payment rules
  • Search created rules by keywords in your dashboard

Premium Version

  • All features of the Conditional Payments for WooCommerce Plugin - Light Version
  • Option to add a custom message when the cart has no payment method to show
  • Option to add fixed or percentage extra fees by payment gateways
  • Enable advanced conditions related to:
    • Product Categories
    • Product Shipping Class
    • Coupons
    • Billing Address Email
    • Users’ logged in / out Status
    • Specific users
    • Specific user’s role
    • Previous orders
    • Cart quantity
    • Quantity of a particular product
    • Cart total weight (product’s weight)
    • Selected payment methods
    • Tax class (You can choose if a rule is taxable or not taxable)
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