How to Add multiple Advanced Linked Variations or Linked Variation Groups?

Note: All the Advanced Linked Variations will behave as per Linked Variation Settings configured for the plugin.

The Advanced Linked Variations for Woocommerce Plugin allows store owners to configure more than one advanced linked variation group. Each group can have different products, categories, and tags, groups by different attribute terms and enabled in different display formats (text/image).

To create multiple group, follow these steps:

  • Open your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Go to the Linked Variations Group section.
  • Click on the Add New button and create a linked variation group as per the instructions enlisted in the guide on ‘How to Create Advanced Linked Variations?.’ Roughly, you need to:
    • Add a title to the group;
    • Create one or multiple linked variations (of types ‘products,’ ‘categories,’ ‘tags’) and specify the attributes to enable them for. You can enable each attribute term in the text format or image format.
    • Click on the Publish button for this group to activate it for your store.
  • Repeat the previous step to create more such groups.
  • Modify Linked Variations Settings to control the visibility of linked variations in your store.

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