How to Promote Sample Products?

Product promotion is the process by which a company uses the mediums at their disposal to encourage customers to buy their products.

The  Product Sample for WooCommerce Plugin lets you have a feature to promote your samples as a quick link button on your site.

Use the options in the  Sample Promo section on the Sample Product Settings page to do so.

To add a quick link or promo button:-

  • Just Enable the status toggle button from Sample Product Settings -> Sample Promo
  • Set other settings to customize your promo button

The promo button settings are explained below.

  • Enable/Disable – Set your quick link or promo button status.
  • Promo Button Label – Set custom label for your promo button. Default value is "Exclusive Offers".
  • Promo Button Color – Set custom colors for your promo button.
  • Promo Button URL – Set link for promo button redirection.
  • Promo Link Target – Set promo button link target.

Screenshot - 1: (Quick link or bromo button settings configuration)

Screenshot - 2: (Quick link or promo button front side view)