How to Customize or Change the Follow-Up Email Content?

With the Product Sample for WooCommerce plugin, You can customize or change the sample order follow-up email content as per your requirement.

Use the following instructions to configure the follow-up email format.

  • Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails.
  • Click on the "Manage" button next to the email called "Sample Follow Up Email".
  • Configure the email as required.

After clicking on the "Manage" button you will find some fields to customize your email. This will work the same as other default WooCommerce email templates.

  • Enable/Disable – Enable or Disable sample order follow-up email.
  • Subject – Set the subject of your email. The default value is "{blogname} How did you like our samples?".
  • Email heading – Set your follow-up email heading. The default value is "How did you like our samples?".
  • Additional content – Set additional content for your email. This text will appear after the email heading. You have to use the "{sample_product_list}" code in this field where you want to list the sample products that the customer has ordered.
  • Email type – Choose your email type.

Screenshot - 1: (Customize follow-up email content or format)

Screenshot - 2: (Customized follow-up email)

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