How to set the number of columns for different devices in the category slider

In the category slider, We can determine the number of columns to show on different screen sizes for responsiveness.

To set the number of columns of the slider :-

  • Edit or Add new a category slider.
  • In the General Settings tab, you will find a field called "Category Column(s)" to set the number of columns.

Screenshot - 1: (Set category slider columns)

Category Column(s) :-

This option allows you to determine how many columns to show on different screen sizes for responsiveness. The fields have some default values. You can adjust the numbers as you want. You will find 5 different screen size icons. The screen sizes are explained below.

  • Large Desktop – Screens larger than 1280px.
  • Desktop – Screens smaller than 1280px.
  • Laptop – Screens smaller than 980px.
  • Tablet – Screens smaller than 736px.
  • Mobile – Screens smaller than 480px

Example :-

If you want to show two columns in your category slider on a Tablet device, configure the settings as mentioned below.

Screenshot - 2: (Set category slider columns for Tablet)

Screenshot - 3: (Category slider on Tablet device)

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