How to Modify Shipping or Tax Info of Your Product Samples?

If you need to tailor shipping charges and tax rates for your sample products, it's essential to configure the specific Shipping Class and Tax Class settings. This can be seamlessly accomplished through two user-friendly options:

  1. Global Settings: Access the plugin settings page and locate the "Shipping & Tax Class Specific" section. Here, you can set global settings for your sample products.

Screenshot - 1: (Shipping & tax class global options)

  1. Individual Product Settings: For more precise control, customize settings on a per-product basis. Head to the "Sample Product" section within the edit page of individual products.

Screenshot - 2: (Shipping & tax class individual product options)

Example 1 -

Consider a scenario where you are selling both regular and sample products in your store. Let's say you want to charge $12 for shipping normal products but only $6 for sample products. This can be easily achieved using our shipping class feature. Assign a shipping class to your sample products and manage shipping charges accordingly.

Screenshot - 3: (Manage shipping charges for sample products based on the shipping class)

Screenshot - 4: (Sample products with custom shipping charges)

Example 2 -

You can also apply a custom tax class to your sample products, ensuring it reflect accurately during the cart and checkout process.

Let's say you are running an online cosmetic store where tax rates depend on rules and your product ingredients. To match these needs, you want a special tax rate just for your sample-sized cosmetics.

Screenshot - 5: (Sample products with custom tax rate)

Effortlessly optimize your shipping and tax configurations with these straightforward steps to enhance the user experience and meet your specific business needs.

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