How to add Store-wide discount rules

Let’s begin by introducing you to how store-wide discounts work. Basically, it is a discount that’ll work for the whole store no matter what’s being added to the cart, of what amount, of what type, or so on. You need to do it often, right?

Live example – 5% Discount on whatever the customer buys

First things first, do not add any dynamic discount rule for the store-wide discount. 
To enable a discount of 5% for all carts, you just need to create a new conditional discount rule using this DotStore plugin, mention discount type as percentage & discount value as 5.
Use Cases
Example 1: Give 2% discount to the Indian buyers for cheque/check payments
Let’s say that you want to enable a 2% discount for your online shop, whenever your India-based customers make payment for their purchase through check. Obviously, the card-based payments attract extra charges in some regions which can be deducted from the total if the buyer is using another commission-free way of payment. 
So, how will you do that?
Well, use the Conditional Discount Rules for WooCommerce Checkout Plugin to deploy this setting for your business. See this.

We’ve named the rule ‘as Cheque – 2 Percent’, selected discount type as ‘percentage’ and discount value as ‘2’. It implies that 2% discount will be applicable when this particular conditional rule will be enabled. For which conditions?! That’s what is specified in the dynamic conditional rule section through the 2 added rules – 
Rule 1: When Payment Gateway is Check.
Rule 2: When the Location of the buyer in India.
And, it’s done!
Example 2: Flat $20 off for Purchases worth $250 or more [Valid for 15 Days]
Consider that you’re running a sale campaign to attract more buyers and improve your revenue. For the same, you want to start giving the offer to guests from California (US) that they could buy products worth $250 and avail a flat discount of $20. This offer has to be made valid for 15 days i.e. from Jan 16th to Jan 30th, 2020.
Here’s the procedure to make your store capable for the same –
Step 1:
Create a discount rule or fixed discount type with value as $20. Mention start date, end date and rule title as required while marking the status of the rule as ‘enabled’.

Step 2: As per the scenario, let’s add the dynamic discount rules to our method -
Rule 1: When Product Category is Clothing.
Rule 2: When the Location of the buyer is in the United States (US) -> California.
Rule 3: When the User Role is Guest. 
Rule 4: When the Cart subtotal before the discount is $250.