Add discount with multiple rules

Now, let us show you how to add a dynamic rule to your conditional discount rules. 

Here’s the procedure:

  • Click on the ‘+ Add Row’ button, or see the existing blank dynamic rule, to begin with.
  • Now, you will find a new row, appended to the ‘dynamic discount rule’ section. With 2 dropdowns and one text field, this is the region where you’ve to fill in the desired details and create your rules.
    In the first dropdown, you need to choose the type of validation you want to add to your discount rule. For example, to add a discount for the USA, you need to choose a location-specific parameter ‘country’ right here. 
    Here are the possible types of validations you can use for your conditional discount rules.
  • Location-specific – You can select country, state, postal code or (WooCommerce) zone – one or multiple.
  • Product-specific – The conditional related to the product, category, variable product, and tag are called as product-specific.
  • User-specific – To apply conditional rules as per user or user role, choose this type.
  • Cart-specific – For applying validations based on cart subtotal, quantity, weight (in kilogram), coupon or shipping class, you will find your suitable option in the cart-specific discount section.
  • Payment-specific – select payment gateway specific validation to apply a discount based on its (payment gateway) value.
  • Shipping-specific – if you are going to differentiate the discount amount as per the shipping method, select this parameter from the dropdown.
  • The second dropdown is for defining the comparison operator, and at most, it may have the following options.
    - Equal to (=)
    - Not Equal to (=)
    - Less than (=)
    - Less than or equal to (<=)
    - Greater than (=)
    - Greater than or equal to (<=

While these operators will work the same way as they do in a typical mathematical scenario, you may find fewer options in some cases, as all these operators are not valid for all the options we’ve. So, choose the one that you want to use for a particular condition.

In the third or right-most field of this row, you have to fill the values that will qualify the cart for the discount. For some parameters, you may get dropdowns as well. So, choose one or multiple values instead of manually filling them.

Add discount with multiple rules

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