How to add different types of Dynamic Discount Rules at once

However, there are times when you will have to use multiple in combination, instead of in the isolation. So, in this section, we will tell you how to apply multiple rules together when your WooCommerce store needs so.
First, understand 2 things:
You can add multiple values in the right-most field of your dynamic discount rule. It means that your customers’ cart may qualify for multiple values of the chosen parameter, and not just one.

For example, you can add a product-specific discount for the t-shirt products, as well as, belt products. Here’s how your dynamic discount rule will look like in this case.

You can create multiple dynamic rules to apply multiple conditions for the same discount value.

For example:

Here, the added dynamic rules will check whether or not your cart has a product named ‘t-shirt with the logo’, and if it has, whether or not, the delivery in for a resident in the United States. If both conditions will match, your buyer will qualify for the discount which is applied through the fee configuration form of this conditional discount rule.
Note – We’ve shown 2 rules, working in combination. However, you can add any number of dynamic rules in a conditional rule. All these rules will work together so that your online store could have complex conditions configured, related to discounting.
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