Coupon Based Shipping Rules

If you’ve decided to give a shipping discount to your customers, Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce makes it doable for you. 

Use the coupon option, fill the name of coupon and decide the money to be charged when this coupon is applied. You may also add conditions related to location, category, product, etc. to make your restriction more specific.

In this article, I’ll teach you how to configure coupon-based shipping rules

Let’s say we want to configure such rules:

Example 1: Applying Free Shipping through Coupon

To apply $20 shipping charge on purchases worth less than $500 when the discount is not applied, you will have to add a rule for ‘cart subtotal (Before Discount) ($)’ and add $500 in the rightmost section. Comparison operator, here, will be less or equal to.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Coupon based rule)

free shipping in WooCommerce

Example 2: you have already coupon ‘flat50’. Now you want to charge shipping cost on that coupon code then this features useful for you. When the customer used this “flat50” coupon code then It will be visible on the cart page.

Step 1: Create Coupon in Default WooCommerce. ( Login your website >> WooCommerce >> Coupon)

Screenshot - 2: (Admin: Create new coupon)

Create Coupon in Default WooCommerce

Step 2: Create a Coupon based shipping method in Flat rate plugin.

Screenshot - 3: (Admin: Coupon based shipping rule)

coupon based shipping charges

You can view the front demo as per below:

Screenshot - 4: (Shipping method front side view)

Coupon Based Shipping Rules

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