Getting Started with Request Quote Plugin

Welcome to Request Quote For WooCommerce!

Transform your e-commerce store's experience with our plugin. Instead of conventional pricing and the standard "Add to Cart" button, invite your customers to request personalized quotes for every product, enhancing engagement and tailoring offers to their unique needs.

Getting Started:

  1. Configure Rules: Set up rules based on product specifics, price ranges, and more to display the quote button precisely where you want it.

  2. General Settings: Easily enable the quote button, choose its placement, and fine-tune advanced settings to suit your preferences.

  3. Customize Button Style & Labels: Personalize the quote button and labels to resonate perfectly with your customers' preferences.

  4. Request a Quote Page: Select your custom request quote page and adjust advanced page settings to ensure a seamless user experience.

Explore additional advanced quote-related settings tailored to your specific requirements.

Customer Experience:

  • Product Page: Customers will discover a new "Request a Quote" button on selected product pages, providing a direct pathway to personalized quotes.

  • Quote Request Page: Clicking the button directs customers to a dedicated page where they can review selected items and submit their quote requests effortlessly.

Admin Dashboard:

  • Quote Request Management: Keep a detailed track of all quote requests from your admin area, empowering you to respond promptly and provide tailored solutions.

  • Edit Quote Details: Easily modify quote request specifics, review details, and take further actions such as sending quotes to customers.

  • Modify Quote Items: Adjust item details, including removal or price updates, ensuring accuracy and relevance before sending quotes.

Ready to elevate your customer experience? Start using the Request Quote For WooCommerce plugin today!

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