Introduction of Request Quote For WooCommerce

Request Quote For WooCommerce is a dynamic plugin crafted to empower your store with the ability to sell products and services without fixed prices, allowing customers to request customized quotes.

If you operate a WooCommerce store specializing in personalized products and wish to enable customers to submit quote requests seamlessly, this plugin is tailor-made for your needs.

With our plugin, you gain a comprehensive quote system within your store, covering everything from initiating new quote requests to communicating with your customers. You can effortlessly track whether customers have accepted your quotes and placed orders.

Key Features:

  1. Rule-Based Quotes:
    • Set up multiple quote rules tailored to your specifications.
    • For example, effortlessly display the "Request Quote" button alongside the "Add to Cart" button and prices for certain products. Simultaneously, for custom items, exclusively showcase the "Request Quote" button sans prices, facilitating easy quote requests.
  2. Manage Quote Button Visibility:
    • Enable the "Request Quote" button for all products or specific products/categories.
    • Exclude designated products/categories and control button visibility based on guest users or specific user roles.
  3. Hide Product Prices:
    • Toggle product prices on/off.
    • Personalize messages for customers, replacing prices with prompts such as "Request a quote to see prices."
  4. Hide or Show "Add to Cart":
    • Choose to display "Add to Cart," "Request Quote," or both buttons.
    • Customize the label for the "Request Quote" button.
  5. Customize Button Colors & Texts:
    • Tailor the style and color of the quote button, choosing between a button or link format.
    • Customize default messages accompanying the button click.
  6. Customize Quote Page:
    • Personalize your quote request page, including layout and table details fields.
    • Utilize advanced options like enabling the "Return to Shop" button and Update List button.
  7. Manage Quote Requests:
    • Efficiently handle all quote requests from the admin panel.
    • Adjust quantities and prices of quote items as needed.
    • Keep track of various quote statuses, including "Accepted Quote," "Rejected Quote," and "Converted to Order."
  8. Generate Quote PDF:
    • Allow customers to download quotes in PDF format for future reference.
    • Customize PDFs with your site logo and attach them to quote send emails.

These advanced features ensure seamless management and communication of quotes with your customers, enhancing your store's capabilities significantly.

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