How to display size chart anywhere in the store using shortcode

You may use a shortcode with a size chart id to display your size chart if you want to display it in the custom template or on any other website pages.

The key benefit of using this shortcode to display size charts is the flexibility to show size information on various pages, including custom product templates and landing pages. 

Also, we offer a standard or common shortcode that can be used to display size charts on a customized product template. But, the main difference between these two shortcodes is as below : -

  • This individual shortcode may be used anywhere in the store while the standard or common shortcode may only be used on a single product template.
  • The common shortcode only works when the size chart position is selected as "Model Pop up" and this individual shortcode works for both positions.

Click here to review the detailed guide on the standard or common shortcode.

Individual Size Chart Shortcode :-

You will find a shortcode in each size chart with a unique id. You can use that shortcode to place your size chart anywhere in the store.

Screenshot 1: (Admin: To copy the shortcode click on it)

You can also find this shortcode on the size chart listing page under the "Shortcode" column.

Screenshot 2: (Admin: Shortcode on size chart listing page)

Screenshot 3: (Size chart button using shortcode)

This size button will display based on the selected option in the size chart position

Screenshot 4: (Size chart position setting)

This means When you select the size chart position as "Modal Pop Up", it will display the button as above in screenshot 3.

But, when you select the "Additional Tab" option in the size chart position then it will directly render the size chart content with a shortcode like the below screenshot.

Screenshot 5: (Size chart with additional tab position)

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