1. What is a Minimum Maximum Quantity plugin for WooCommerce?

A Minimum Maximum Quantity plugin is an extension for WooCommerce that allows you to set minimum and maximum order quantities for products on your online store.

2. Why do I need a Minimum Maximum Quantity plugin for my WooCommerce store? 

A Minimum and Maximum Quantity for WooCommerce plugin can help you control your inventory and prevent customers from ordering too many or too few products, which can affect your inventory or revenue.
3. What are some use cases for the plugin?
The plugin is useful for stores that have minimum order requirements, or for products that need to be sold in specific quantities. For example, you can use the plugin to require a minimum order of 10 items or to limit the maximum order quantity to 2 per customer.

4. Can I set different minimum and maximum quantities for different products? 

Yes, you can set different minimum and maximum quantities for each product in your store.

5. Can I set a minimum and maximum quantity for a specific product variation?

Yes, you can set minimum and maximum quantities for each product variation, which allows you to limit the quantity of a specific color, size, or other attributes of a product.

6. Can I set a custom message to inform the customer for don’t fulfill the rules on the cart page?

Yes, you can add a custom message on the cart page from the Manage Messages section of the plugin.

7. What type of quantity-based restriction rules can I create with the plugin?

With our plugin, You can set minimum and maximum quantity rules on orders, products, categories, and countries.

8. Can I set only the Min quantity?

Yes, you can set only a minimum quantity.

9. Do Min/Max Quantities work with Composite Products?

Not at this time. Composite products are not recognized, so min/max rules are ignored.

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