How to add a WordPress navigation menu to a page or post?

The Advanced Menu Manager plugin provides the Menu Shortcode feature. With the help of this shortcode feature, you can easily add a WordPress menu to any page or post where you want.

A use case for adding a menu with a shortcode could be for a website that uses a page builder plugin, such as Elementor or Beaver Builder. These plugins allow users to create custom pages and layouts using a drag-and-drop interface, but they don't include a built-in way to add a menu.

Additionally, you can use the shortcode to add a menu to specific pages or posts, this can be useful in landing pages where you want to show a specific menu with links to the products or services you are promoting.

Overall, using a shortcode to add a menu can provide more flexibility in controlling where and when the menu is displayed on a website, and it allows to have more control over the website's navigation.

Screenshot - 1: (Menu Shortcode)

There are some custom parameters also available to manage your menu with more flexibility such as menu class to target your menu element for CSS, container to define wrapper tag, etc.

To display the menu with a shortcode, simply edit a post or page and add the menu shortcode where you want to display the menu.

Screenshot - 2: (Add menu shortcode to page or post)

Screenshot - 3: (Front side layout with menu)

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