How to change the size chart tab position

If you are using the size chart position as an " Additional Tab", It will display a size chart tab. But by default, this tab will appear at the end ( After all the default tabs ).

Screenshot 1: (Front: Size chart tab default position )

If you would like to change this tab position then we have a filter code that you may use to modify the position of this tab.

Filter code :-
function scfw_size_chart_tab_priority_setting() {
    return 1;
add_filter( 'scfw_tab_priority_setting', 'scfw_size_chart_tab_priority_setting' );
Add the mentioned filter code to your theme > function.php file and change the priority number based on your requirements. For Example, change the priority number to 10 if want to display the tab in the second position.

Screenshot 2: (Front: Size chart tab with the first position )

Screenshot 3: (Front: Size chart tab with the second position )

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