How to customize slider controls in the product slider

If you want to customize your product slider controls like, stop autoplay, pause on hover, infinite loop, etc. Then, go to the Slider Settings tab where you will have some options to customize your slider controls.

  • AutoPlay – Make this toggle button on if you want the slider to slide automatically.
  • AutoPlay Speed (ms) – Define the interval between each auto transition in milliseconds.
  • Scroll Speed (ms) – Define slide transition duration in milliseconds.
  • Pause on Hover – Enable this to pause auto slide when the mouse hovers over the slider.
  • Infinite Loop – If this option is ON then all slides will loop continuously. If you have turned off this option then the slider loop will stop after once.
  • Auto Height – Enable this feature to adjust slider height dynamically based on each slide's content.

Screenshot - 1: (Settings configuration for slider controls)

Screenshot - 2: (Product slider with customized slider controls)

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