How to view a live preview of the category or product slider

One of the best features of the category or product slider is that you can view or check the live preview of your slider before implementing it in your store.

Once you edit or add new a category or product slider, you will see a button called "Show Preview" next to the Save Slider button.

When you click on the "Show Preview" button, it will add a new box called "Live Preview" where you can check the live preview of your slider.

Screenshot - 1: (Slider live preview button)

When you change any settings of the slider then the button name will change to "Update Preview". When you click on an Update Preview button your slider will update and appear with updated changes.

Screenshot - 2: (Slider update preview button)

Screenshot - 3: (Live preview of category slider)

Screenshot - 4: (Live preview of product slider)

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