How to manage or customize thumbnail image in the category slider

In the category slider, You will find a "Thumbnail Settings" tab through which you can manage or customize your category thumbnail image.

In the Thumbnail Settings tab, you will see some options to customize your category thumbnail.

  • Thumbnail – Hide or Show your category thumbnail using this toggle button. If you don't want to include any image in the slider, simply disable this toggle.
  • Thumbnail Sizes – Select an option for the thumbnail image size. Like, original size, thumbnail, medium, etc.
  • Thumbnail Border – Check this checkbox to add a border to the thumbnail image. When you enable this, It will include one more option to manage the thumbnail border.
    • Set Border – Set thumbnail border with different styles and colors.
  • Margin – Set thumbnail margin in px or em format.
  • Image Mode – Set image mode as a Normal or Grayscale on Hover. If you select the "Grayscale on Hover" option, It will add a grayscale effect to your image on hover.

    Set Grayscale and normal on hover. Always grayscale.

Screenshot - 1: (Thumbnail settings configuration)

Screenshot - 2: (Category slider with customized thumbnail)

Screenshot - 3: ( Grayscale and normal on hover )

Screenshot - 4: ( Always grayscale )

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