How to enable Shop Now button in the category slider

In the category slider, You can add a “Shop Now” button after the category description through which a user can navigate to the product single page.

You can enable it from the "Shop Now Button Settings" section which is located in the Display Options tab.

There are a few options to customize your shop now button.

  • Shop Now Button – Enable or Disable the shop now button.
  • Shop Now Button Label – Set a custom label for the shop now button. The default value is "Shop Now".
  • Shop Now Button Color – Change your button colors. You can change text color, text hover color, background color, and hover background color.
  • Shop Now Button Border – Set the shop now button's border with different styles. You can also set different border styles, border color & hover color.
  • Button Margin – Set button margin in px or em format.
  • Link Target – Set link target for the shop now button link.

Screenshot - 1: (Shop Now button settings configuration)

Screenshot - 2: (Category slider with Shop Now button)

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