How to add section title in the category slider

In the category slider, You will find the "Section Title" option in the "Display Options" tab. Where you can enable or disable this feature using a toggle button.

Section Title :-

Users can show or hide the Slider Title on top of the slider by using this option. By default, this option will be disabled. If you want to showcase the section title, then you can enable it.

When you enable this toggle, You will find a few more options related to the section title which are explained below.

  • Section Title Color – You can set a custom color for your section title.

  • Margin from Section Title – You can adjust the Section title margin by using Margin from Section Title. You can adjust spacing from Left, Right, Top, and Bottom using these fields. Also, you can set the margin in px or em format.

Screenshot - 1: (Section title settings configuration)

Screenshot - 2: (Category slider with section title)

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