How to Control the Visibility of Product Samples?

There are 3 ways to control the sample product page’s visibility when you use the Product Sample for WooCommerce Plugin, which are:

  • By user name
  • By user role
  • For Shop locations

To control the sampling option’s (button’s) visibility for various shop locations, you have three options:

  • Hide or Show on the Shop Page
  • Hide or Show on the Categories Page
  • Hide or Show on the Store Menu
  1. You can navigate to the Basic Configuration section on the Sample Product Settings page and look for the last 3 toggle buttons to hide/show the product sample button for diverse shop locations. 
  2. Click on the Save Changes button.

Screenshot - 1: (Options to Control the Product Sample Button’s Visibility in Shop)

Screenshot - 2: (Control its Visibility in Shop by User name(s) and/or user role(s))

When you on the " Hide on Shop Page" or "Hide on Categories Page" toggle, It will remove or hide the sample add to cart button from your shop and archive or categories page.

Screenshot - 3: (Shop page without sample add to cart button)

Screenshot - 4: (Shop page with sample add to cart button)

When you enable the "Include on Store Menu" option, It will add a new menu item to your store's primary menu with the name "Sample Products".

On this sample product page, customers can view all the sample products of your store and purchase them.

Screenshot - 5: (Sample products with store menu)