Introduction of Product Sample Plugin

The Product Sample for WooCommerce plugin lets store owners enable product sampling for their online shops. You may convert your product pages into sample product pages in order to do so. The products or categories to be converted into WooCommerce Product Samples can be selected in Plugin Settings.

The major characteristics of these samples include:

  • You may apply free or percentage/flat pricing
  • You may make them visible to one or several users
  • You may make them visible to one or several user roles
  • Their purchase or fetching can be restricted by order/item quantity
  • You may Control their visibility on the Shop page, categories page, and Store Menu
  • Shipping and Tax classes can be applied

It makes a great tool when you want to:

  • Promote your new product range;
  • Let Product Reviewers or Resellers try your product;
  • Test the response of valuable users to a new experiment;
  • Running a special offer for a particular user to compensate for some fault.

Screenshot - 1: (A Sample Product Page with ÔÇťOrder a Sample" Button)

Screenshot - 2: (When a Buyer Adds a Product Sample to Cart)

Screenshot - 3: (When a customer tries to buy/get product samples beyond the maximum limit)

Screenshot - 4: (Sample Product in the Cart with Discounted Price and Customized Label)

Screenshot - 5: (Order details of sample product)

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