1. Wh y Do I Need to do Product Sampling in my WooCommerce Store?

Product Sampling is a top-notch marketing strategy that could gain more market attention for you in much less expenditure. Selecting the right audience for testing or using the product can make it even more effective. 

In a few free samples, you can create a lot of noise about your product. In short, product sampling can encourage 'word of mouth' and help you promote your new product or product range more efficiently. Use the Product Samples for WooCommerce Plugin to add this functionality in your store.

2. Can I show Sample Product Pages to a few User roles, e.g. Shop Managers in my Store?

Yes. It is possible with our plugin. You may specify one or more user roles in the User specific section to limit the visibility of sample products to those user roles only. This way, people with other user roles will not be able to see the option to buy or get sample(s).

3. Can I change the Button Text/Label for my Product Sampling functionality?

Definitely, find the option for adding the Button Label in the Basic Configuration section to customize this text for your sample products.

Using this option in the Product Sample for WooCommerce plugin, one can go for an innovative button label and improve the conversion rate for the said button. The best part is that all the sample product functionality options can be handled from the store backend without the need to touch the eCommerce shop’s code.

4. Can I offer Free Product Samples to Several Users through my WooCommerce shop?

Yes. The Product Sample for WooCommerce Plugin will let you create free product samples in your store effortlessly. For this, you can specify the fee (fixed or percentage - any type) as zero in the plugin settings and save changes. The buyers will be able to add sample products at zero cost in their cart in your store in this case. 

5. Which Product Sampling Plugin is the best for WooCommerce?

Use the Product Sample for WooCommerce Plugin by DotStore to enable product sampling in your store. It gives you full control over the ‘Avail Product Sample’ button as well as the visibility of this button throughout your store. Whether free or paid, whether taxable or tax-free, whether free shipping or at a certain shipping cost, you will be able to enable sample product functionality in various ways using this easy-to-use plugin by veteran WooCommerce plugin developers.

6. I want to Charge a 10% product price for sample products instead of offering it for free. Is it possible?

Yes, surely, it is. You can select the Fee Type as Percentage and specify the percentage price in the field given the next in the same section. To apply a 10 percent fee, this field’s value will be 10. Once you will save changes, your buyers will be able to add sample products to their cart at 10% product cost. The details related to the same will be made visible to them on the cart page and checkout page. You may also specify the same in the product description section to make them aware of the same in advance.

7. Can I show the option to buy Sample Product only on single product pages?

Yes. If you want to hide the sample product purchase/fetch button for your products on the shop and categories pages, you can do it from the Basic Configuration section in the plugin settings while using the Product Sample for WooCommerce plugin.

8. Is it possible to Enable Tax on sample products in my Store if I am using WooCommerce?

Yes. Go to the Shipping & Tax Related section in the Product Sample Plugin settings and selected the preferred tax class to be applied to your sample products. As per the configuration of the selected class, your buyers will be charged the tax on these samples once you will save the settings.

9. I do not want to send out multiple samples per purchase but 1. Is it possible to limit the samples count for my buyers’ cart?

It is understandable that sellers want to allow the purchase or fetching of one or limited sample products per cart or product. Before, there were cases when buyers ordered a high number of product samples to milk the company for their benefit. So, if you are planning to restrict the total sample count in your store, the Product Sample for WooCommerce Plugin by DotStore allows it.

You can go to the Quantity Adjustment section in the plugin settings through your WordPress Admin dashboard and specify the number of products allowed per order or per product as samples. When this limit will be crossed in a buyer’s cart, s/he will see an error message regarding the same. You can customize this error message from the Quantity Adjustment section itself.

10. Is there any way to make normal products and sample products look different on the buyer’s cart/admin orders pages so that people and my team could immediately understand it?

Yes. To make sure that your buyers or accounts/packaging teams don’t get confused, the Product Sample for WooCommerce Plugin gives you a way to let everyone distinguish samples from the normal products. You can specify prefix or suffix text in the Basic Configuration section for that. Once the settings are saved, all (authenticated) users will see the added text (For example - “Sample - ”) with the product title as per your settings.

11. Can I disallow Sample Products in my store at once - for all the products/categories I had enabled Sampling previously?

For this, if you are using the Product Sample for WooCommerce Plugin, you can disable the plugin from the Basic Configuration section (the very first option in this section) and save settings. 

Alternatively, if you want to disable sampling for all the current products/categories but enable it for other products/categories, you must remove the selected items in the Product Specific section and select the new ones before saving the new configuration. It will be done.

12. I want to charge a fixed price for Sample Products, (e.g. $25 or $20). Is it possible with the help of Product Sample for WooCommerce Plugin?

Whether you want to charge flat/fixed sample product rates or percentile-based prices, the Product Sample for WooCommerce Plugin will allow you to do it. If you want to charge a fixed cost (e.g., $25 or $20), go to the Price Adjustments section in the plugin settings, select the fee type as Flat, and specify the price in the Add Flat Price input field. Save settings and your sample products will be charged at the rate you have set.

13. Can I charge customers for a sample?
Yes! Customers can order free samples, or you can set a price for your sample products.
14. Do I have to offer samples on all products?
You certainly can offer samples for all products, but we understand that it may not make sense for every product to have a free sample. In the plugin's settings, you can select the specific products you want to offer samples for.
15. Does this plugin work with WooCommerce variations?
Yes, you can add sample products for variations.
16. Can I set different prices?
Nope. That’s not a feature currently. You can create one sample product, and this will be used as a sample for all the products that you target. You can’t create multiple sample variations. However, if you like this to be a feature. Leave us a quick message via the contact button above this FAQ and we’ll count your vote.
17  .  Does it work with the WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities plugin?
No, I have tested the Sample plugin with our Min/Max Quantities plugin & it's not fully compatible.
18. Does it work with the Dokan plugin?
Yes, It's working well with the Dokan plugin. Just FYI, while testing the sample plugin with the Dokan plugin, I had found one minor compatibility issue. So, I've fixed it.
19. Does it work with any WordPress theme?
I have tested the sample plugin with some popular themes like Neve Shop, OceanWP, Astra, ShoppingCart, etc. And, It's working fine with them.
20. Does it work the whole store?
No, the sample plugin will not work with the whole store. This plugin is working with only Simple products & Variable products. It will also work with virtual & downloadable products.
21. Does it work for individual products?
No, you can only assign the global flat sample charges.
22. Does it work with the WC vendor plugin?
Yes, I have tested the sample plugin with the WC vendor plugin & it's working fine.
23. Does it work with the WCFM Marketplace plugin?

Yes, I have tested the sample plugin with the WCFM Marketplace plugin & it's working fine.

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