1. What does Advanced Linked Variation mean in WooCommerce?

Linked Variations in WooCommerce are created using the Advanced Linked Variations for Woocommerce plugin. It lets you create product variations using separate products. To put it simply, you can show any simple or variable product as a variation of another product once you have grouped it by the product, category, or tag. So, if you create a linked variation group of products “necktie” and “belt”, they will be added as attributes (for example - by color, by size, etc.) of each other - as happens in the case of variable products. 

2. Can I Add multiple Advanced Linked Variations or just one?

Yes. You can easily do it using the Advanced Linked Variations for Woocommerce plugin. The plugin has a tab named Linked Variation Group in the dashboard. Go to this tab and click on the Add New Button. Thereafter, you can select the type of linked variation (among product, category, and tag) and specify attributes (for example - color, size, modal, etc.) to showcase for this group. You may add multiple linked variations per group, and add multiple groups as per your requirements.

3. How can I show a simple WooCommerce product among the variations of other simple/variable products?

You can use the Advanced Linked Variations for Woocommerce plugin to show a normal product as the variable of another product, without adding it as a variant in WooCommerce. For this, you must modify the basic linked variations settings and add a linked variation group, connecting the products that you want to display as variants of each other.

4. How do I change the position of variable product attributes in WooCommerce?

You can change the position of product attributes (for example - color, model, size, brand, etc.) for your linked variations or variable products using the Advanced Linked Variations for Woocommerce plugin. You can select a position from 5 available options - under the title, under the price, under the except, before the add to cart button, and after the add to cart button. If you want to display linked variations attributes in a custom position or in a custom template, use the shortcode [dsalv] in the desired position. Make sure that you have installed and activated the said plugin before trying the steps mentioned here.

5. What are the benefits of using Advanced Linked Variations for Woocommerce with my online Store?

Using this plugin allows you to manage your simple and variable products in the usual manner. At the same time, it lets you link products by name, category, or tag. Upon linking, linked variations appear as product attributes (similar to variable products) in your online store. 

With this functionality enabled, you can easily link various products for making upsells, downsells, and cross-sells while improving the buying experience for your buyers. Your customers will be able to find more suitable products for their needs without heavy lifting, so they will be more satisfied too.

6. Why should I convert linked variations in WooCommerce into nofollow links and how?

No-follow links do not count as backlinks, which means that no matter how many no-follow or unfollow links you add to your store products from within the store, they will not be considered paid/spam links. Not only these links can increase page traffic, clicks, sales, and leads for you, but no-follow links also improve your domain authority, profile’s trustworthiness, store experience, and brand awareness.

While using the Advanced Linked Variations for Woocommerce plugin to create linked variations groups, you can ensure higher interconnectedness among your store products. As the plugin lets you convert your linked variations into no-follow links, you can ensure achieving better SEO optimization of your store too.

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