How it works?

Create dynamic as well as fixed discounts for your store partially using conditions, or wholly, using Conditional Discount Rules for WooCommerce Checkout Plugin. With its free version, store owners can add discounts specific to products, customers, cart subtotal, total cart quantity, user role, and product tags only. 
While the above-mentioned features will work well for the pro version of the Conditional Discount Rules for WooCommerce Checkout Plugin, you can do a lot more with it. Category based, bulk, cart weight based, shipping class based, region (zip code, state, country) specific, payment gateway based, shipping method based, and more such types of discounts can be deployed on the cart using the advanced version.

In summary, with the help of this WooCommerce aid, you can deploy the following types of price-deduction offers for your online store –

  • Bulk discounts
  • Location specific Discounts
  • User specific Discounts
  • Product Specific Discounts
  • Special Offers
  • Cart specific discounts
  • Payment specific 
  • Shipping specific 
  • Store-wide discounts

On the front-end, this is how your shop’s cart will reflect the discounts for the buyers –

How it works

To clearly understand the scope of the free and pro version of this plugin, have a look at this comparison table – 

How it works

You can always base your decision of choosing between the pro or free version of Conditional Discount Rules for WooCommerce Plugin for your store on the basis of your requirements.

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