Adding Discount Rules for Checkout

There are two ways of starting towards the process of adding discount rules for checkout –

1. After opening the plugin dashboard, go to Discount Rules for Checkout section and click on the ‘Add discount Rules for checkout’ button, present just above the table of existing rules.

2. From any tab within the plugin dashboard, click on the ‘Add Discount Rules for Checkout’ tab.

Adding Discount Rules for Checkout

Following any of the above-listed method, you will reach this page:

Adding Discount Rules for Checkout

Adding Fee Configuration Details to your Discount Rule for Checkout

Fee Configuration, for any of the conditional discount rules you’re creating, is the section where you fill the basic details related to WooCommerce discounts, such as name, value, type, duration, status, and related details. To fill these details, pay attention to this part of the page you’ve opened.

Now, let us explain the significance and usage of each of these fields, visible in fee configuration section – Now, let us explain the significance and usage of each of these fields, visible in the fee configuration section.

Discount Rule Title for Checkout

As you’ll have multiple rules within the same WooCommerce plugin dashboard, it is critical to distinguish each of them with diverse names. Doing so will also help you in making use of your rules and modifying them later on. So, add an understandable and memorable name for your discount rule in this field. 

Select Discount Type

Though this discount plugin, you can add 2 types of discounts for your e-commerce store.

1. Fixed

For the currency-based fixed-price discount, you will have to select ‘fixed’ as your discount type. For example, to enable a discount of $5, or $2.5, choose this option.

2. Percentage

To make the discount amount to vary with product/cart value, select ‘percentage’ as your discount type. It’ll allow the shop owners to add percentile value as a discount so that dynamic price deductions could work for your shop.
Now that you understand both discount types, choose the one as per your need through the given dropdown and proceed.

Discount Value

This field takes the input as a discount value. However, it will be interpreted as per the discount type you’ve selected in the previous form field. Let’s say that you fill 10 as a discount value. In this case, this ’10’ will be interpreted as $10 for ‘fixed’ type while as ‘10%’ for ‘percentage’ type. 
Just below this field, you have a checkbox ‘Apply per Quantity’.
Using this, you can change the value of discount for bulk orders rather than keeping the discount value the same for each of the items, being added to the cart.

Adding Discount Rules for Checkout

If ticked, it will add two more form fields for you.

 i. Calculate Quantity Based On

You can choose to increment the discount value as per the cart quantity or product quantity. For this, select the relevant option using this dropdown. 

ii. Fee per Additional Quantity ($)

In this field, you need to fill the amount to be discounted. Please note that you can also add negative value to this field. So, whether you want to increase the discounted value or to decrease it, the Conditional Discount Rules for WooCommerce Plugin will let you do it all.
Another thing to note here is – for the ‘percentage’ discount type, this increment/decrement discount value will be considered as percentile input, and for the fixed type discount, it’ll be considered as a fixed amount value.
Now, let us give you an example of how it will work.
Let’s say, your cart has 10 t-shirts and you’ve selected discount type as fixed. The discount value is $1 and the fee per additional quantity is $0.5. So, the final discount you will be giving to your buyers will be $1+$0.5+$0.5+$0.5+… = $5.5. If this rule had not been deployed, the customer would have availed a flat discount of $10 i.e. discount of $1 per t-shirt.

Start Date

It is not required to create discount rules as and when you need them. The Conditional Discount Rules for WooCommerce Checkout Plugin gives you the flexibility of creating a rule in advance and schedule it. So, when you do not want your rules settings to work immediately for your store, add a ‘start date’ to it. Then, it’ll work from the mentioned date only.
Please note that ‘start date’ is an optional field, and can be left blank. If left blank, the rules will start working with your store immediately, as saved and enabled.

End Date

Just like the ‘Start Date’ field, the ‘end date’ field is also optional and can be used whenever required. So, if you are running a sale or discount offer for a limited time through these rules, add an end date for your rule. After this, your rules won’t work for the store once the given date passes.


You can enable or disable your created conditional discount rules using the toggle button. 

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