How to apply global settings

Using this setting, we can set the general settings for each wizard that are globally applying for all the questions and options.

Screenshot - 1: (Wizard Setting Button)

Screenshot - 2: (Wizard Settings Options)

1. Display N no of Attribute Per Product: This option is used to set n no of attributes on the product filter result.

2. Display n no of Products Per Page for pagination: This option is used to set filter result product per page.

3. How many options item displays in one row?: This option is used to show the question options per row to select the user.

4.Text color for wizard title: Set styling color for wizard title.

5. Background Image For Question: We can set a background image for questions.

6. Background color: Used to set background color for each question.

7. Text color: We can set the question text color.

8. Background color for next and prev button: Set styling for next and previous button on filter wizard.

9. Text color for next and prev button: Set styling for next and previous button text on filter wizard.

10. Background color for options: Set background color for options.

11. Text color for options: Set text color for options.

12. Reload Title: Once you click on the reset button then it will first ask for the confirmation with popup and you can set that popup description here like: Sure! Want to reset the filter result?

13. Next and Previous label text: Set text/arrow in next and previous like « && »

14. Show Result title: Set title for the final filter result to showcase.

15. Restart button title: You can set button title here like Reset.

16. Total Count Title: Set pagination count title here.

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