How to configure the product filter wizard

WooCommerce Product Finder Plugin lets customers narrow down the product list on the basis of their choices. 

It enables the store owners to add a questionnaire to the product page. The product recommendations are then rendered according to the answers, given by the users. You can showcase ‘n’ number of products, matching the answers and queries.

Step 1: Create Wizard ( Questions and answers )
Before adding a wizard, you will have to create attributes and select these attributes in a particular product.
Screenshot - 1: (Add Attributes and assign to the products)

Click on the "Add New Wizard" title to add a new wizard.

Screenshot - 2: (Add new wizard link)

Enter Wizard title, select category, and enable status. (If you want to search product based on the category then you will have to select a category.)

Screenshot - 3: (New wizard settings)

Step 2: Manage Question: Add New Question
Create a question option like a radio button or Multi-select checkbox.

Screenshot - 4: (Add New question)

Provide Corresponding answers ( options ), upload pictures, select Attributes name and attribute values.

Screenshot - 5: (Add new options)

Step 3: Wizard Setting
With this Wizard Setting, you can change the default setting as per below:
Change matched product and recently matched product title. ( on Recommendation Wizard page ).
How many product displays per page. ( on Recommendation Wizard page ).
How many attributes show per Product on the product recommendation Wizard page.
Upload background image, change the background color, and also change text color. ( on Recommendation Wizard page ).

Screenshot - 6: (Wizard Settings Link)

Screenshot - 7: (Wizard Settings Options)

Step 4: Copy and past Wizard shortcode in page/ post and publish Product Recommendation Wizard
All you need to do is to copy & paste the Wizard shortcode page or post.

Screenshot - 8: (Product finder page with shortcode)

How to configure the wizard

Screenshot - 9: (Question with two option)

How to configure the wizard

Screenshot - 10: (Filter result based on option selected)

How to configure the wizard