How it works?

Searching through a plethora of products can be time-consuming as well as a tedious task when you’ve set your mind to buy something specific. If you are an e-commerce store owner, this fact can be sale-diminishing. Your customers will not make purchases if they are finding it tough to search for a certain product.

WooCommerce Product Finder lets customers narrow down the product list on the basis of their choices. It enables the store owners to add a questionnaire to the product page. The product recommendations are then rendered according to the answers, given by the users. You can showcase ‘n’ number of products, matching the answers and queries.

” Interactive Product Finder helps you convert visitors into customers “

Benefits of Using Woo Product Recommendation Wizard

Increased Sales

Reducing the hassles for buyers may increase your sales. Show them the right recommendation based on factors and let them buy quicker.

Easy Purchases

Removing the unwanted products from the list helps the buyer choose and buy easily. And, better user experience means a higher probability of sales. Isn’t it what you wanted?

Reduced Searching Time

If a buyer is looking for a certain gender/age/brand’s product then why show 100 other products that are worthless for him? Reduce their search time significantly!

Decision Support

Whenever visitors don’t know which product to choose, the Product finder will ask the basic level of question. A visitor has to give an answer and on that base. Product Finder will suggest the most suitable products.

Personalized Advice

A Plugin will give personalized advice to visitors and match their individual needs with the help of the Basic level of question and suggest the most suitable products.

Reduced Support Costs

Product Finder plugin is capable of helping website visitors and cut support labor costs. A plugin will interact with visitors by list questions and understand their needs and suggest products.

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