Location specific Shipping Rule

About the Rule:

Shop owners can create location-based rules, such as the ones based on country, state, postcode, or custom zone, using this feature. 

It is especially useful when you want to set up flat rate shipping rates for specific locations

Stores generally do it, in order to balance the shipping fees as per the distance of the buyer’s place from the place of shipping. 

How it works:
Select any location-specific parameter from the left-most dropdown list. Let’s say, you want to apply for free shipping for New Zealand. So, select ‘ Country’ from the dropdown and add ‘New Zealand’ in the right-most form field of the Shipping Rule section
In the fee field, add the fee as 0. Well, save it and check if it’s working or not. That’s it.

Shipping Rules

  • Setup WooCommerce Country Based Shipping method
  • Setup WooCommerce City Based Shipping method
  • Setup WooCommerce State Based Shipping method
  • Setup WooCommerce Postcode Based Shipping method
  • Setup WooCommerce Zone Based Shipping method

How do I set up a WooCommerce shipping method for a specific country, state, and postcode in the Flat rate plugin?

Example 1: Determining the flat rate shipping charges for 2 postcodes
Screenshot - 1: (Postcode based rules)

Adding a rule for Flat Rate Shipping by Location
Here, we’ve added 2 postcodes that determine two regions/cities. For these two places, the flat rate shipping price will now be, as you’ll set in the Fee field of this method. 
If you think that different countries or states may have similar postcodes, then add another rule to determine the country and/or state of added regions. Once the changes are saved, you are done.

Example 2:  Shipping Charges Based On Country, State, and Zipcode

Using this feature you can apply shipping rules for a country, state(s), or Zipcode(s). With this option, you can create an International flat-rate shipping method for your WooCommerce store. 

For example, if your store in the USA and you want to create a shipping method for Alabama and Alaska state with specific postcodes.

Screenshot - 2: (Country, State, and Zipcode based rule)

Screenshot - 3: (Front: Country, State, and Zipcode based shipping method)

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