How to set bulk attachments for all or specific products

You can assign bulk attachments for all or specific products in your store. To apply bulk attachment on a specific product, there are four options available. 1) By a specific product, 2) By a specific category, 3) By a specific tag, or 4) By a specific attribute.

Key Benefit

With the help of this feature, you may add standard attachments to all or specific products, such as user guides, technical details, warranty information, maintenance guidelines, and additional pictures or videos.

Settings Configuration

To configure bulk attachments for all or specific products follow below mentioned steps :-

  1. Go to the "Bulk Attachment" page.
  2. Edit or Add new bulk attachment.
  3. Search for the "Attachment For" option.
  4. Configure settings based on your requirement and save changes.

Screenshot 1: (Admin: Select any one option for bulk attachment)

To apply bulk attachments to all products, choose "All Product," and to assign attachments to specific products, choose "Specific Product, Category, Tags, Attributes".

When you choose the second option, you will have access to the following additional options :-

  1. Select Products
    -> Select specific products to assign the attachments.

  2. Select Categories
    -> Select specific categories to assign the attachments.

  3. Select Tags
    -> Select specific product tags to assign the attachments.

  4. Select Attributes
    -> Select specific product attributes to assign the attachments.

  5. Assignment
    -> You can assign a scheduling rule to selected items/categories or to all excluding the selected ones.

  6. Children categories
    -> If at least one category has been selected, you can decide to apply the scheduling rule also to children's category items.

Screenshot 2: (Admin: Select specific product, category, tags, attributes)

Screenshot 3: (Admin: Select attachment assignment)

Screenshot 4: (Admin: Children categories should apply or not)

Screenshot 5: (Front: Bulk attachment on selected product)

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