Custom Search by product, attachment and category using Shortcode

With v2.1.6, We included a new shortcode that allows users to search products with attached files by product, category, and attachments name.


[attachments_search placeholder="Search by product, category, attachment name" noresult="No matching data found."]

In this shortcode, You can also provide the placeholder text for the input field and the no result text.

To find the shortcode navigate to the "About Plugin > Introduction" page.

Screenshot 1: (Admin: Search attachments shortcode)

This feature is useful if you want to let your customers search for related products or files when they get important information from service providers, such as a Product name or PDF attachment. 

This will save your customers time and make discovering the relevant products and attachment files easier.

You can add this shortcode to any page or post and enable the search attachments feature.

Screenshot 2: (Front: Search attachments example)

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