Bulk Product Attachment Import

This feature will assist you in importing the product attachments in bulk if you're looking for a bulk product attachment importer based on the products' SKUs.

It will only add attachments based on the SKUs of the products. So, in order to use the bulk product attachments, you must need to add your product SKUs

Note :- You need to upload a CSV file only for import.

To add specific product bulk attachments, go to the "Bulk Attachment > Specific Product Bulk Attachments" section. Then, click on the "Bulk Product Attachment Import" button and select your CSV file.

Screenshot 1: (Admin: Upload CSV file to import attachments)

Download & analyze the example CSV file that is attached before uploading. To make it work, you must adhere to the format of your CSV file. Similar to this example file.

Download Sample CSV File :- Bulk-Product-Attachment-Import-Sample.csv

The new attachments will appear on the appropriate single product pages depending on the product SKUs once you upload your CSV file to the bulk product attachment import.

Screenshot 2: (Admin: CSV file format)

Screenshot 3: (Front: New attachments on the single product page)

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