How to do Google Analytics (UA and GA-4) Tracking in WooCommerce?

You must enable the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce Plugin and add your Google Analytics tracking ID to enable the tracking of UA (Universal Analytics) or GA-4 (the latest version of GA properties) properties.

Next, follow these steps:

  1. After enabling a Google Analytics Tracking ID for your store, you can see it next to the Google Analytics Account field. You have the option to Reconnect to Wizard using another Tracking ID or Disconnect the currently-enabled tracking ID.

   2. If you want to track your latest Google Analytics 4 Account besides the universal account, the Enhanced ECommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce Plugin has an additional option to add a GA-4 ID. You can enter it in the designated field and track web+app data with ease.

   3. In the analytics dashboard, if you want to see UA tracking data or GA4 tracking data particularly, select one of these options in the Enable Analytics Tracking select dropdown. If you want to track both types of data, Select Both.

   4. Before we add further settings, move to the bottom of settings and check the mandatory field with the label Privacy Policy. By clicking this and saving settings, you acknowledge and accept our plugin’s privacy policy. However, also make sure to read the policy using the link given below the checkbox.

Next, eCommerce store owners can configure the details explaining which store data should be tracked and what must be excluded from tracking.

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