How to Connect your Google Analytics Tracking ID?

Note: If you do not have a GA ID for WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration, please create it first.

To get started, you must add your Google Analytics ID to plugin settings. There are two methods to do so:

Method 1: Enter your Analytics ID manually and click Submit.

Method 2: Click on the Start to Setup button and select sign in to Google to let the plugin fetch the Analytics ID(s) connected to your Gmail account.

Select the relevant Analytics ID from the rendered list and submit your preference to complete the process.

How to Configure Google Analytics Tool for WooCommerce Tracking using the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin Integration?

Step-1: In your Google Analytics dashboard, click on the Admin button, present at the bottom of the page on the left side.

   Step-2: In the ECommerce Set-up tab, activate the Enable Ecommerce and Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking toggles.

  Step-3: If you have enabled the Search Tracking option, enable the Site Search Tracking Toggle in the Site Search Settings Tab (on the View Settings page).

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