The Enhanced eCommerce Tracking Plugin enables WooCommerce store owners to enable Google Analytics tracking for their shop. This feature-rich & ease-to-use plugin is also compatible with Google Analytics 4 Tracking (i.e., GA-4), implying that you can leverage the benefits of new Universal Analytics and enhanced eCommerce GA event tracking using it. 

The pro plugin submits the collected data back to the respective tools so that you can see the eCommerce analytics details and enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics tracking data in one dashboard collectively.

There are 2 methods to get a better idea about how the Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce Plugin works:

Key Features - Enhanced Google Analytics Tracking

  • WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration
  • Enhanced eCommerce Tracking: Transaction, Revenue, Product View, Add to Cart, Remove From Cart, Apply Coupon, Increase and Decrease Cart Qty 
  • Tracking by searches, user IDs, and comments
  • Tracking of Forms data and File Downloads
  • 404 Error Tracking
  • Enhanced Link Attribution Tracking
  • IP anonymization
  • Google Analytics opt-out
  • Adding trackable code for Guest users on the Login step
  • Demographics & Interest Reports
  • Option to include or exclude several user roles from tracking
  • Custom Event Based Tracking
  • Option to create your own custom events and delete them

Benefits of Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce

Using the powerful eCommerce tracking features of the Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce plugin for WooCommerce, you can:

  • Gather in-depth insights related to your store
  • Track Custom campaigns and analyze their impact
  • Do eCommerce conversion tracking
  • Monitor and study your eCommerce statistics to improve it
  • Generate Demographics & Interest data for advertising and remarketing activities
  • Notice add-to-cart, remove-from-cart, coupon & reduce-quantity like events in your shop
  • Understand your orders, sales, transactions, and revenue data like never before
  • Track 404 pages to eliminate them

On pondering over this data and applying needed changes, you will see:

  • Improved user experience and overall user journeys
  • Better and optimized WooCommerce store
  • Higher Conversion rate and sales
  • Significantly-boosted Revenue
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