How to Specify Product Samples Price?

There are two ways to set sample product price :- 1) Globally and 2) Product specific.
To set a sample price globally follow below mentioned steps :-
  1. Go to the Price Adjustment section on the Sample Product Settings page.
  2. Select the Price Type and enter the price.
  3. Save Changes.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin - Select Price type as Percentage or Flat)

If you will select Percentage as your option and specify an amount, its value will be considered as a percentile of the original product price. If the price type is selected as Flat, the price will be considered in the current store currency.

Screenshot - 2: (Front - Selling a sample product at 10% price)

To set product specific sample prices follow below mentioned steps :-

  1. Edit or Add New a sample product.
  2. Go to the Sample Product section and set your sample price in the "Sample price" field.
  3. Save Product.

Screenshot - 3: (Admin - Set product specific sample price)

Screenshot - 4: (Front - Selling a sample product at $12.5 price)

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