Hide Shipping Rules based on Payment Method

This feature is used to hide the shipping methods on specific payment options selected by the users.


If the user has selected ‘Cash On Delivery’ and you want to hide Free Shipping, then refer below-

Screenshot - 1: (Admin Settings > Select a shipping method and hide shipping rules)

In the above settings, select ‘Free shipping’ as the shipping method to hide and in Basic Hide Shipping Rules field select ‘Cash on Delivery’. The checkout page will then hide the Free Shipping option.

Screenshot 2: ( Checkout without Cash on Delivery)

In the above screenshot, there is a check payment option selected to be applicable to the Free Shipping method.

Screenshot 3: ( Checkout once Cash on Delivery selected)

In the above screenshot, the user has selected the ‘Cash on delivery’ so the page hides the Free Shipping method.

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