How to enable icon for your attachment instead of the download button?

You can leave the radio button ‘ Default Button’ selected in the ‘ Show Attachments File Icon / Download Button’ option from the Attachment Settings section.
But, If you want to enable an icon for your attachments, you can choose the ‘ Upload Icon’ option and upload an image file for the same.

When you select the ‘Upload Icon’ option, You can select any default icon from the list of available icons or you can set your own custom icon too.

Key Benefit

To customize your store’s look or to add a self-explanatory image for your attachment, using an icon image could be a nice idea.

It will improve your store’s look and drag buyers’ attention towards the attachment faster.

Screenshot 1: (Admin: Upload attachment icon)

Note: If no file icon is selected then it will show the default attachment type.

Screenshot 2: (Front: Product attachment with icon)

By default, this icon will come with a gray background like the above screenshot. But, If you wish to remove the grey background color from the attachment icon. Simply click the "Remove Background Color from Icon" checkbox and save settings.

Screenshot 3: (Front: Product attachment icon after removing background color)