1. Can I add a store-wide discount for my online business through this plugin?

Ans: Yes, and it requires no technical knowledge. To apply a discount on all your products, you just need to create a discount without any dynamic rule. Once enabled, it will work for all the purchases irrespective of the cart condition. 
2. I want to run a discount sale for 3 days every month. Will this plugin help me deploy such settings?
Ans:  Not directory, but yes, it will. You just need to create a conditional discount rule and specify the 3 days duration for the upcoming month through the start date and end date fields of the fee configuration section.
Now, either keep updating the dates every month or create multiple (for example – 12 rules will work for a year) rules for multiple months. 
3. My online store is recently upgraded and it runs on WooCommerce 3.7. Will the plugin support this latest version?
Ans:  Yes, DotStore developers keep the plugin updated so that it could stay compatible with the newest versions of PHP, WordPress, and WooCommerce. 
Also, the minimum requirement to enable Conditional Discount Rules for WooCommerce Checkout Plugin is - WOOCOMMERCE 2.2 or above, WORDPRESS 5.0 or above and PHP 5.4 or above. So, if your shop is running on an old configuration that matches the given requirement, this plugin will work smoothly then too.
4. Can I add fractional discounts for a few products using Conditional Discount Rules for WooCommerce Checkout Plugin?
Ans:  Yes. You can choose the discount type as ‘percentage’ and mention the percentage value to be discounted in the field, given for the same. 
5. Is Conditional Discount Rules for WooCommerce Checkout a multi-lingual plugin?
Ans:  The plugin does not support WPML currently. However, DotStore may extend its support to multi-lingual functionality in the near future.
6. Is there any way to give a bit less or, a bit more discount for bulk buyers, because the uniform discount is not reasonable when a customer buys multiple items from our store?
Ans:  Definitely! You should tick on the checkbox ‘Apply per quantity’ and add the value of discount for the next products, i.e. when more than one item of a product type (product cased) or more than a product (cart based) is added to cart.
7. Is there any way to give shipping method based discounts? For example, a 10% discount when the local pickup is available.
Ans:  You can add a dynamic rule, specific to the shipping method, and mention discounts related to the condition. This way, you will be able to give special discounts to your buyers who use a specific shipping method for their current checkout.
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