How to add discount for shipping specific

For diverse shipping methods available in your store, there are different costs you’re going to vary. For example, in the case of free shipping, you will get no amount for the delivery process, so you’ll have to cover this value from the sales made.

Similarly, for the local pickup, you need not incur any money or resource on delivery, so you can give out discounts to your customers, to make them happy. 
That’s why we allow addition of shipping method based discounts for your e-commerce store. See how to add it.

Live example – A Discount of $10 when a customer chooses Local Pickup

As $10 is a fixed value, create a new conditional discount of type ‘fixed’. Specify its value as 10 and scroll down to the dynamic discount rule section. Here, add a discount rule as ‘where the shipping method is local pickup’ and save settings. 

How to add discount for shipping specific

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