How to add Advanced Rules for Product Weight Hide Shipping Method

Product weight: 

When you sell bulky products, like refrigerators, product weight plays a decisive role in the shipping method and cost for delivery.

In fact, while shipping products abroad it is often mandatory to weigh them and base your shipping cost and shipping method upon this factor.

Does this product attribute apply to your business as well?

Thankfully, you can add product-weight specific Advanced Rules using Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin.


In your clothing store you have few buyers who purchase in bulk and for them you have a special shipping method that guarantees super-fast delivery. Those buyers can avail this delivery offer on the products of ‘Hoodie with Zipper’, if it weighs between 1-2 kilograms, and on ‘Album’, if it weighs between 2-5 kilograms.

To add Advanced Rules as per the weight, conditions can be added in the below manner-

How to add advanced rule for product weight specific hide rule

Now hide all shipping methods in the checkbox, keeping only the special shipping method active for this condition.

Notice that we have added ‘Any One Rule Match’ condition within the product-weight specific Advanced Rules so that the setting will work whenever any of these two conditions match.