How to add Product Specific Hide Shipping Rules

Sellers offering a diverse range of products with distinct attributes often require tailored hide shipping rules. These rules, designed to address specific product characteristics, can be effectively implemented using this plugin. Here, we'll explore the six types of product-specific hide shipping rules you can create with practical examples.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin - Product-specific rules)

1. Cart Contains Product Rule: Use this rule to hide shipping methods based on specific products. Simply select the "Cart contains product" option and add the names of the products you wish to apply this rule to. For instance, you can hide certain shipping methods when a customer's cart contains "Product A" or "Product B."

2. Cart Contains Variable Product Rule: Hide shipping methods based on specific product variants using the "Cart contains variable product" option. Specify variants of different products to implement this rule. If a cart contains "Product X - Variant 1," you can hide specific shipping methods.

3. Cart Contains Category's Product Rule: If you want to hide particular shipping methods for products in specific categories, choose the "Cart contains category’s product" rule. This allows you to apply the rule to multiple categories simultaneously. For example, hide certain shipping methods for all products within "Category Y" and "Category Z."

4. Cart Contains Tag's Product Rule: For products in different categories requiring similar shipping arrangements, apply tags and use the "Cart contains tag’s product" rule. Add tags to products and hide shipping methods accordingly. If multiple products share the tag "Tag X," you can apply shipping rules to them collectively.

5. Cart Contains SKU's Product Rule: To hide shipping methods for a specific SKU or a group of SKUs, select the "Cart contains SKU’s product" option. This allows you to control shipping methods for particular SKUs or SKU ranges.

6. Cart Contains Product's Quantity Rule: Implement this rule to hide shipping methods based on specific product quantity ranges. Choose the "Cart contains product’s quantity" option and select a product-specific option from above to match quantity ranges. For instance, hide certain shipping methods when the cart contains a quantity of "Product Y" within a specific range.

Examples :-

As shown in the screenshot below, our store currently has three shipping methods. Now, Let's proceed to examine various examples with the above product-specific conditions to effectively hide shipping methods.

Screenshot - 2: (Front - Shipping methods before any hide shipping rules)

Example 1: Hide Local pickup shipping methods for products & variations like "Hero Hoodie" and "Zeo Tank - Large".

Screenshot - 3: (Admin - Simple & variable products specific rule)

Screenshot - 4: (Front - Hide local pickup for selected products)

Example 2: Hide Free shipping & Flat rate based on the selected category, such as "Tops->Hoodies & Sweatshirts."

Screenshot - 5: (Admin - Category specific rule)

Screenshot - 6: (Front - Hide free shipping & flat rate for selected category's product)

Example 3: Hide Flat rate shipping method based on the product's tag, like "Summer Sale".

Screenshot - 7: (Admin - Tag specific rule)

Screenshot - 8: (Front - Hide Flat rate for selected tag's product)

Example 4: Hide Local pickup & Free shipping based on a specific product's SKU, such as "WH10".

Screenshot - 9: (Admin - SKU specific rule)

Screenshot - 10: (Front - Hide Local pickup & Free shipping for selected SKU's product)

Example 5: Show only the Free shipping method & hide others based on a product's quantity range, e.g., hide shipping when the quantity of "Hero Hoodie" is between 5 and 10.

Screenshot - 11: (Admin - Product's quantity-specific rule)

Screenshot - 12: (Front - Hide Local pickup & Flat rate for selected product's quantity range)

By leveraging these product-specific hide shipping rules, vendors can offer tailored shipping experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction and optimizing order fulfillment.

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