How to add Location Specific Hide Shipping Rules

If you're a store owner, you can make your shipping methods work smarter by using location-specific hide shipping rules. These rules let you customize how shipping options show up for different places, like countries, states, cities, and more. Let's dive in!

Think about it this way: people in different areas might need different shipping options. These rules help you offer the right choices to the right people, making their shopping experience smoother and more tailored.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin - Location-specific rules)

How It Works :-

  1. Country: Select this option if you want to hide shipping methods for specific countries. For instance, if you want to offer different methods for New Zealand and the US, select "Country" from the dropdown and choose both countries.
  2. City: Choose this option to hide certain shipping methods for specific cities like Los Angeles. You can add multiple cities, with each city name on a separate line.
  3. State: Select this option to hide specific shipping methods for particular states such as California or Alaska. You can add multiple states as needed.
  4. Postcode: If you need to hide certain shipping methods for specific postcodes, like 90001 or 90005, select this option. You can add multiple postcodes, with each postcode on a separate line.
  5. Zone: If you've created custom shipping zones within your store and want to hide shipping methods accordingly, this option is for you. Select the "Zone" option and choose the appropriate shipping zone.

Examples :-

As shown in the screenshot below, our store currently has three shipping methods. Now, Let's proceed to examine various examples with the above location-specific conditions to effectively hide shipping methods.

Screenshot - 2: (Front - Shipping methods before any hide shipping rules)

Example 1: Hide the "Local pickup" option for the country "United States" and states "California" & "Alaska".

Screenshot - 3: (Admin - Country & state specific rule)

Screenshot - 4: (Front - Hide local pickup for selected location)

Example 2: Hide the "Flat rate" & "Free shipping" shipping methods for the country "United States", city "Los Angeles, Oakland" and postcodes "90005, 90009, 90096".

Screenshot - 5: (Admin - Country, city & postcode specific rule)

Screenshot - 6: (Front - Hide "Flat rate" & "Free shipping" for selected location)

Example 3: Hide the "Flat rate" and "Local pickup" options for the shipping zone "UK Zone".

Screenshot - 7: (Admin - Shipping zone specific rule)

Screenshot - 8: (Front - Hide "Flat rate" & "Local pickup" for selected shipping zone)

By using location-specific hide shipping rules, you can provide customers with shipping options that align with their geographic location and enhance their shopping experience.