How to hide incompatible shipping methods

Below are some parameters which you can set for each of your method rules and this is how they work-

Shipping Source type: Select whether it is compatible or incompatible with the default shipping method and the hide shipping plugin.

How to hide incompatible shipping methods

If you are using a plugin to create shipping methods which are not compatible with the hide shipping method plugin then you might face a problem.

The options for hide shipping methods won’t be displayed in the dropdown list when you add them in the value field for ‘Select shipping method’.

To overcome this issue, the Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin has the option of ‘None Compatible with Hiding shipping method’ plugin.

Upon choosing this, you can add your shipping method values instead of their names.

You can find out the shipping method values by opening any front-end page of your site where your desired shipping method is listed.

How to hide incompatible shipping methods

Just right-click on the name of that shipping method and select ‘Inspect’. Now, you can view the HTML source code for the page in your browser. See the input in the ‘value’ field for the chosen shipping method.

Repeat this process to find out values of other shipping methods.

Add all these values will be separated by commas in ‘Shipping method option’ field as shown below-

How to hide incompatible shipping methods

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